April 8

What Can Homer Simpson Teach Us About Flexibility?

Homer Simpson once said, “Donuts…what can’t they do?” While he makes an obviously great argument, for us golfers who want to get better, we need to ask ourselves, “Flexibility…what can’t it do?”

How much more enjoyable and better would your game be if you NEVER felt tight in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet? Sound like a dream? Not anymore.

Our friend Kaitlyn over at 18STRONG has isolated one of the biggest problem areas for most golfers’ flexibility – T-Spine and Trunk Rotation. If you’re like most golfers that walk through the 18STRONG doors, you’ve probably felt like your backswing doesn’t go back far enough, your club head speed during impact is too slow and your follow through cuts off too early.

It’s very simple: Having more control over such a large part of your swing IS going to make you hit the ball farther and with more accuracy.

As is their way, 18STRONG has put together another awesome video that teaches you some great exercises and movements to improve your rotation and start shaving strokes.

Watch the video as Kaitlyn shows you how to start shooting lower scores by focusing on your T-Spine and Trunk Rotation

If you are serious about becoming more flexible and being a better golfer, then you must CLICK HERE for the complete 18STRONG Flexibility Guide Step-By-Step Video & Cheat Sheet and let Kaitlyn walk you through a full session that you can use over and over.