September 9

[Video] How To Stay Loose and Flexible For Your Entire Round…

Earlier in the week, I was asked by a friend who is on his way to an epic 3-day, 108 hole trip to Myrtle Beach and he had but one question for me, “How in the world am I supposed to stay loose on the course?”

Well, that’s a pretty extreme weekend he is about to embark upon, but he did raise a great question that we hear all of the time, but seldom is addressed.  Honestly, how many strokes do you lose every round because you start to get tight?  1 is too many.

Jeff, our fitness guru over at 18STRONG, was kind enough to show us a few very simple drills you can easily do on the tee box, waiting to putt, waiting to chip or any other time during your round when you’ve got a few moments.

Just doing these few easy drills will keep you from needlessly losing strokes because of mid-round tightness.

Click on the video below to watch Jeff show you how to stay loose and flexible all morning and afternoon…

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