May 5

These unique exercises ACTIVATE your core and shrink your waistline FAST

Have you heard of the new ab training technique called a “Core Activation Sequence” yet?

To be honest I hadn’t either, until just the other day when my friend Tyler introduced me to the brilliant Dr. James Vegher.Dr. Vegher originally designed these unique exercises to help patients with chronic neck and back pain and Tyler (who was a patient of his) ended up discovering that they worked even BETTER for quickly shrinking your waistline, building more core strength and helping you get better results from your workouts.
It’s actually a pretty CRAZY story that you should check out…

You should definitely read the page below if:

  • You have an unsightly pouch belly or ugly beer gut that you can’t seem to get rid of
  • You have back, neck, shoulder or hip pain and can’t seem to find a way to make it stop
  • You have terrible posture and nothing seems to help
  • You are a personal trainer or avid fitness fan looking for the most cutting edge ab training info on the planet
  • You desperately want to see toned or even 6-pack abs but don’t know where to start
  • You are interested in learning what a Core Activation Sequence is and what it can do for you

>> These UNIQUE exercises ACTIVATE your core and shrink your waistline FAST

Which means longer, more powerful drives on the golf course.

I hope you enjoy the waist shrinking benefits from these Dr. created Core Activation Sequences

To your health,