December 15

Play 36 holes without EVER getting sore

Eat THIS after a round to banish muscle and joint soreness
A regular round of golf can be one of the greatest types of exercise you can get. After just 18 holes, you may end up walking 5 miles or more.

But for lots of us, the hours after a round can leave us feeling like we were hit by a truck.

The cramped muscles and achy joints you experience after playing can make you feel less like a PGA champion and more like the Tin Man, limping stiffly through your day and begging for relief.

If you’re ready to banish your post-golf pain forever, there’s a miracle fix that may be sitting in your refrigerator right now.

Scientists say watermelon juice could hold the key to unlocking your stiff muscles and escorting nasty lactic acid from your body faster than you can spit a seed.

A research team from Spain asked a group of athletes to end their workouts with either watermelon juice or a placebo.

And after just 24 hours, those in the watermelon juice group were feeling sportier than ever — the pain vanished from their muscles, their lactic acid disappeared almost like magic, and they were ready to hit the links or the treadmill again.

It’s no secret that watermelon can hydrate you quickly, but there’s far more to this fantastic fruit. It’s loaded with the amino acid L-Citrulline, which heads straight to your sore muscles and helps show lactic acid the door.

If you’re not a watermelon fan, you can also find L-Citrulline supplements at most health food stores or even online.

You can get all the relief you need for as little as $10 a month.

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