January 7

Nutrition Scorecard

I hear from people all the time wanting to better understand the impact nutrition can have on their golf game. This is a BIG problem, guys. When you don’t get your nutrition right…you’re going to be dragging on the course. Your recovery time is going to be too long and you start to form bad habits to compensate for soreness and fatigue. Here’s the deal – without giving your body what it needs when it needs it, you’re giving away strokes. Plain and simple. Based on your feedback and to keep you from throwing strokes down the drain, I called Jeff Pelizzaro of 18STRONG, one of my good buddies and a golf fitness expert, and asked him what we could do to get you on the right track. So, to keep you sharp during your next round, Jeff put together a quick video about what, when and how much you should be eating. He’s going to cover how you should be fueling your body:

  • Pre-round
  • During your round
  • Post-round


AND, he put together a nice little bonus cheat sheet you can keep in your golf bag so you’ll never be confused again. Like this video? Click below to get more details about the types of fuel your body needs before, during, and after a round of golf.

To Your Health,