June 29

How To Increase Your Hip Rotation For More Distance & Control…

Have you ever felt like you’re forcing your hips to turn in your swing but still not getting your hips to the target?  If you have, then I’d be willing to bet that you’ve experienced each of the following:

  • Loss of distance
  • Pushed the ball
  • Hooked the ball

Turn on the Golf Channel any day of the week and you’ll inevitably see a segment about shoulder and hip rotation.  The importance of your hips during your golf swing has forever been misunderstood.  In fact, proper hip rotation makes it much easier for your shoulders to also turn correctly, so it is hugely significant.

Your hips and legs are a major source of executing a strong, consistent swing, so we’ve, once again, enlisted the help of Jeff Pelizzaro at 18STRONG to help us.

Jeff has put together a short video that is going to show us a few things:

  1. A simple assessment to determine whether or not your hips are rotating properly
  2. 3 exercises to get your hips rotating correctly

Click on the video below to watch Jeff demonstrate how you can have a more powerful and consistent golf swing by getting your hips moving…

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