January 9

Is Staying Fit On The Road Impossible?

Have you ever been on vacation or a business trip and thought to yourself…

“There’s a great gym in the hotel.

I’m going to get up early.

I’m going to work out.

I’m going to move on with my day.”

It’s a great plan, but how often does it really happen?

When your schedule and routine are no longer under your control, it’s just really difficult to stay fit on the road.  Eating out every meal, a couple extra beers here and there, and very little free time typically results in a few extra pounds when you get home.

But there is hope.  We asked our fitness guru, Jeff Pelizzaro from 18STRONG, what he recommends for the traveler to stay in shape.  In response, Jeff selflessly traveled to Club at Porto Cima, one of Missouri’s top golf courses, and shot a quick video demonstrating 5 exercises you can do in your hotel room to help keep you on track. (Really, if you’re short on time, you can use these anywhere)

Click on the video below to watch Jeff demonstrate a quick, yet highly effective exercise routine that works your entire body while you’re on the road…

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