May 17

Ever Wonder Why Jason Day Hits It Farther Than You?

If you missed it last weekend, Jason Day completely dominated The Players Championship, a.k.a. “The 5th Major”, in big part by using his crazy distance off the tee. This year, he is AVERAGING 301 yards off the tee. There’s a very easy and rational explanation why he can so easily reach out so far and the rest of us struggle to get the distance we want.

Here’s the simple answer: Jason Day doesn’t sit at a desk for 8 hours a day.

We play a sport that requires us to separate our upper and lower body, so that we can load up and crush the ball. Having flexible hips is the key to generating long ball power and sitting down all day is the absolute worst thing we can do. Essentially, sitting around is killing our distance.

But, there is a lot of hope.

Kaitlyn, our resident flexibility expert over at 18STRONG has put together a quick video showing us exactly how we can start opening up our hips to start getting more distance and control with our shots.

Watch the video as Kaitlyn shows us how to start launching balls off the tee simply by focusing on your hip flexibility (hey, most of the time the simplest answers are the right ones

If you are serious about becoming more flexible and being a better golfer, then you must CLICK HERE for the complete 18STRONG Flexibility Guide Step-By-Step Video & Cheat Sheet and let Kaitlyn walk you through a full session that you can use over and over.