June 2

Don’t Let What Happened to Tiger Woods in 2013 Happen To You…

Tiger caught a bout of Golfer’s Elbow in 2013 and he had to repeatedly withdraw from tournaments, thus giving him the reputation as a quitter.

Whether you’re trying to prevent it or treat it, we hear from tons of golfers who are terrified of Golfer’s Elbow because they know how painful and devastating it can be to your golf game and the thought of having to sit out for weeks at a time.

To ensure you stay on the course and to get you back out there, we enlisted the help of Jeff Pelizzaro at 18STRONG and his Physical Therapy background to give us the truth about Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow.

Be sure to watch the video below as Jeff shows us:

  • One missing piece that almost nobody has a clue about that will help keep you injury free – NOT JUST FOR GOLFER’S ELBOW
  • How you can do it just about anywhere
  • The simple tools you probably already have around the house

Click on the video to begin playing…

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