March 17

Flexibility Is King – Here’s Where You Need to Start

Recently, our golf fitness friends over at 18STRONG polled their audience and asked one simple question, “What is the biggest problem you’re having with your golf fitness performance right now?”

Overwhelmingly, the responses had to do with a lack of flexibility.  Have you ever felt tight in one or more of the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles and feet

What we found most encouraging is that smart golfers understand how important flexibility is.  Ten, maybe even five years ago that was not the case, so as a community we’re becoming more intelligent about training smarter and focusing on what is going to make the most dramatic improvements in our game.

Have you ever felt like your backswing stops too early to get any power because you can’t rotate back far enough?  Have you ever felt your joints cracking and popping in your swing or warm-up?  Do you just know that your body is way too tight for it to do what you want it to do?  You’re not alone.

To help us get on the right track, Kaitlyn at 18STRONG put together a short “secret weapon” video.  Your playing partners all know about shoulder and hip rotation, but nobody is talking about ankle and foot mobility, and how it dramatically improves your ability to hit the ball.  It’s common sense:  Your swing starts at the ground, so you need to build a solid foundation.

Watch the video as Kaitlyn shows you how to start shooting lower scores by simply focusing on your foundation – your ankle and foot mobility.

If you are serious about becoming more flexible and being a better golfer, then you must CLICK HERE for the complete 18STRONG Flexibility Guide Step-By-Step Video & Cheat Sheet and let Kaitlyn walk you through a full session that you can use over and over.

March 3

[Video] Longer Drives with just a simple Weight Shift!

Let me ask you a couple of questions, “How well do you use the ground in your swing? And if you could learn to swing faster in just a couple of minutes, would you be interested?” Our buddy Jeff at 18STRONG introduced us to a couple of secrets that the pros are using, but most of us regular guys don’t know about yet.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Do you feel like you have to swing as hard as you can to get the distance you want?
  • Do you tell yourself to “let the club do the work”, then in the middle of your backswing you change your mind and try to blast one into orbit?
  • Does it annoy you to watch your playing partners out-drive you hole after hole?
  • Do you lie in bed at night secretly dreaming about swinging like Happy Gilmore?

We know the reality is that we cannot possibly control a ball when we swing as hard as we can, yet our egos get in the way and our whole game suffers. Sure, you may hit a few good ones, but your body is so out of whack when you over swing that consistency is generally out the window.

Fear not, you are about to learn a drill that can immediately improve your power and swing speed. How great is it going to feel when you see that look on your partner’s face as you smugly tell him, “Looks like you’re away.” Ah, pure joy.

Jeff has put together a quick video showing us one of the drills that he has used to increase several of his clients swing speed by 5, 10, even up to 13 MPH in just a couple of short sessions. Click the video Below.

CLICK HERE for the FREE eBook and Videos that show you all the drills Jeff used to help his clients gain instant SPEED!.


February 12

One Sneaky Trick for Longer Drives

Hey it’s Chuck again, and today I want to introduce you to someone else who’s helped me get my golf game back, Dr. Frank Green. Dr. Frank recently discovered an odd little trick that’s helping me hit LONGER drives and LOWER scores… and the surprising thing is, this trick is NOT another club, video lesson or swing gadget…

Nope. It’s something so NEW and DIFFERENT that only the top Touring Professionals even know it exists. That’s why I wanted to be the FIRST to reveal it to you before it becomes “front page news.”

Check out this odd tip for yourself by clicking on the video screen below…


1 Sneaky TRICK for Better Golf

Keep ‘em long and straight,

Dr. Frank Green

P.S. Don’t laugh, this weird little trick actually works…

1 Sneaky TRICK for Better Golf