January 9

Is Staying Fit On The Road Impossible?

Have you ever been on vacation or a business trip and thought to yourself…

“There’s a great gym in the hotel.

I’m going to get up early.

I’m going to work out.

I’m going to move on with my day.”

It’s a great plan, but how often does it really happen?

When your schedule and routine are no longer under your control, it’s just really difficult to stay fit on the road.  Eating out every meal, a couple extra beers here and there, and very little free time typically results in a few extra pounds when you get home.

But there is hope.  We asked our fitness guru, Jeff Pelizzaro from 18STRONG, what he recommends for the traveler to stay in shape.  In response, Jeff selflessly traveled to Club at Porto Cima, one of Missouri’s top golf courses, and shot a quick video demonstrating 5 exercises you can do in your hotel room to help keep you on track. (Really, if you’re short on time, you can use these anywhere)

Click on the video below to watch Jeff demonstrate a quick, yet highly effective exercise routine that works your entire body while you’re on the road…

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September 23

1 important thing that separates pros vs. amateurs (simple)

Here’s Today’s Tip… 1 important thing that separates pros vs. amateurs

One of the hardest parts about playing good golf is making the right choices and managing your way around the golf course. Sharp course management skills are one of the things that separate today’s top touring pros from amateur golfers like you and me.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment and go for it on every shot, but you can play smarter and lower your scores by thinking one shot ahead.

Here are 2 situations where thinking one shot ahead can mean the difference between a par and a double bogey.

Thinking one shot ahead on Par 4’s. When most golfers walk onto the tee box of a Par 4 their first instinct is to reach for their driver and blast their ball as far up the fairway as they possibly can. A smarter approach is to evaluate the length of the hole and take into account your favorite approach shot distance before selecting the club for your tee shot. If the hole is 325 yards long and your favorite approach shot distance is 125 yards, you only need a 200 yard tee shot to set yourself up. Not only does this put you in a great position to hit the green in regulation, but since you’re clubbing down off the tee you are also less likely to hit a banana ball into the woods.

Thinking one shot ahead on Par 5¹s
. If you hit a good tee shot on a Par 5, you might feel like taking out a fairway wood and smashing your ball as far as you can up the fairway toward the green. Again – the smarter approach is to evaluate the distance to the hole and take into account your favorite approach shot distance. If you’re 225 yards away from the hole and your favorite approach shot distance is 100 yards all you need to do is hit a nice easy 125 yard shot to put yourself in perfect position for your approach. And, since you¹re hitting a short iron instead of a long fairway wood you¹re bound to be be much more accurate.

Thinking one shot ahead in these situations will help you play smarter shots, lower your scores, boost your confidence!

To Thinking Ahead,


September 9

[Video] How To Stay Loose and Flexible For Your Entire Round…

Earlier in the week, I was asked by a friend who is on his way to an epic 3-day, 108 hole trip to Myrtle Beach and he had but one question for me, “How in the world am I supposed to stay loose on the course?”

Well, that’s a pretty extreme weekend he is about to embark upon, but he did raise a great question that we hear all of the time, but seldom is addressed.  Honestly, how many strokes do you lose every round because you start to get tight?  1 is too many.

Jeff, our fitness guru over at 18STRONG, was kind enough to show us a few very simple drills you can easily do on the tee box, waiting to putt, waiting to chip or any other time during your round when you’ve got a few moments.

Just doing these few easy drills will keep you from needlessly losing strokes because of mid-round tightness.

Click on the video below to watch Jeff show you how to stay loose and flexible all morning and afternoon…

CLICK HERE to find out more about the 18STRONG community to help get you on track and answer your questions.

June 29

How To Increase Your Hip Rotation For More Distance & Control…

Have you ever felt like you’re forcing your hips to turn in your swing but still not getting your hips to the target?  If you have, then I’d be willing to bet that you’ve experienced each of the following:

  • Loss of distance
  • Pushed the ball
  • Hooked the ball

Turn on the Golf Channel any day of the week and you’ll inevitably see a segment about shoulder and hip rotation.  The importance of your hips during your golf swing has forever been misunderstood.  In fact, proper hip rotation makes it much easier for your shoulders to also turn correctly, so it is hugely significant.

Your hips and legs are a major source of executing a strong, consistent swing, so we’ve, once again, enlisted the help of Jeff Pelizzaro at 18STRONG to help us.

Jeff has put together a short video that is going to show us a few things:

  1. A simple assessment to determine whether or not your hips are rotating properly
  2. 3 exercises to get your hips rotating correctly

Click on the video below to watch Jeff demonstrate how you can have a more powerful and consistent golf swing by getting your hips moving…

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June 15

Are you losing power in your backswing? This one simple exercise will get you loaded…

Yup, we said it, “…get you loaded.”

Have you ever felt yourself sway, slide or simply lose a bit of balance in your backswing?  If so, it is costing you power, distance and accuracy every single time you load up your shot.

If any of the following sound like you, then this one single exercise done properly is for you:

  • Want more distance?
  • Want better balance?
  • Want to strike the ball more consistently?
  • Want to be a better golfer?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions, then congratulations on your PGA card and winning every tournament.  Now, if you answered “Yes” like the rest of us, then you’ll soon understand that it is no exaggeration that when you effectively perform this one simple exercise, it will influence your entire game.

Our resident expert Kaitlyn over at 18STRONG has put together a quick 2-minute video illustrating how easy it can be to impact your game by just incorporating better single leg balance.  Just like every time you make a great shot on the course, “It’s an easy game.”

Click on the video to watch Kaitlyn show you how to properly increase your balance and load up your backswing….

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June 2

Don’t Let What Happened to Tiger Woods in 2013 Happen To You…

Tiger caught a bout of Golfer’s Elbow in 2013 and he had to repeatedly withdraw from tournaments, thus giving him the reputation as a quitter.

Whether you’re trying to prevent it or treat it, we hear from tons of golfers who are terrified of Golfer’s Elbow because they know how painful and devastating it can be to your golf game and the thought of having to sit out for weeks at a time.

To ensure you stay on the course and to get you back out there, we enlisted the help of Jeff Pelizzaro at 18STRONG and his Physical Therapy background to give us the truth about Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow.

Be sure to watch the video below as Jeff shows us:

  • One missing piece that almost nobody has a clue about that will help keep you injury free – NOT JUST FOR GOLFER’S ELBOW
  • How you can do it just about anywhere
  • The simple tools you probably already have around the house

Click on the video to begin playing…

If you are serious about staying injury-free and being your best golfer, then you must CLICK HERE for the complete 18STRONG Flexibility Guide Step-By-Step Video & Cheat Sheet.  

May 17

Ever Wonder Why Jason Day Hits It Farther Than You?

If you missed it last weekend, Jason Day completely dominated The Players Championship, a.k.a. “The 5th Major”, in big part by using his crazy distance off the tee. This year, he is AVERAGING 301 yards off the tee. There’s a very easy and rational explanation why he can so easily reach out so far and the rest of us struggle to get the distance we want.

Here’s the simple answer: Jason Day doesn’t sit at a desk for 8 hours a day.

We play a sport that requires us to separate our upper and lower body, so that we can load up and crush the ball. Having flexible hips is the key to generating long ball power and sitting down all day is the absolute worst thing we can do. Essentially, sitting around is killing our distance.

But, there is a lot of hope.

Kaitlyn, our resident flexibility expert over at 18STRONG has put together a quick video showing us exactly how we can start opening up our hips to start getting more distance and control with our shots.

Watch the video as Kaitlyn shows us how to start launching balls off the tee simply by focusing on your hip flexibility (hey, most of the time the simplest answers are the right ones

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May 5

The Golfer’s Guide to a Bogey Proof Workout

The Golfer’s Guide to a Bogey Proof Workout

BPW With Price


If you’ve ever had questions about golf fitness and how get more flexible, increase your strength, drop your score and create a healthy “Bogey Proof Lifestyle”, then you’ve come to the right place.  Below you can get started immediately by downloading Chapter 1 of this breakthrough book and begin putting together your plan of attack.

Any of these sound familiar…

  • Do you know you need to be more flexible, but aren’t sure which exercises and stretches will get you there?
  • Are you struggling to get distance to get distance off the tee?
  • Do you have a stiff lower back or nagging injury that’s sabotaging your golf game?
  • Does your consistency and energy level fluctuate from the 1st tee to the 18th green?
  • Is the overwhelming amount of golf and fitness information paralyzing you because you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need help getting motivated, staying committed and holding yourself accountable?
  • Do you need a simple, realistic guide for eating better both on and off the course?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you’ll find what you need inside The Golfer’s Guide to a Bogey Proof Workout.  CLICK HERE to get started right away with the Introduction and Chapter 1.

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April 21

One simple tool every tight golfer needs at home

Dear Golfer,

Let’s face it. Staying flexible could be a full time job.

I mean, there are hundreds of stretches and exercises that I know would be good for me to do on a regular basis, but if you’re like me, I simply don’t have the luxury of taking 2 hours a day to work on my body.

Plus, throw in the occasional aches and pains that require a little extra attention, it’s hard to know what to do, much less find the time to squeeze it into a busy day’s schedule.

So what’s a guy supposed to do?

Well, as usual, with any golf fitness related question, I reached out to the guys over at 18STRONG and asked them to give us something that you can do quickly and easily that could have a huge impact on your body and even help you swing the club better.

I thought I might have stumped them this time, but Jeff immediately replied with . . .

“That’s easy. Everybody should have a foam roller at home.”

Now, if you don’t know what a foam roller is, or how to use one, we’ve got you covered. I asked Jeff to put together a quick video to show you some of the ways he uses it with his golfers.

I promise you, if you’ve never tried this before, you’re gonna love it and hate it at the same time. It’s like having your own personal massage therapist, just way cheaper!

Not only does it help fix some of the tightness in the muscles and get rid of some of those nasty tight spots, but I love how it “wakes up” my body before swinging a club. Since starting to use one of these bad boys, I am way more fresh and ready to go on the 1st tee box.

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April 8

What Can Homer Simpson Teach Us About Flexibility?

Homer Simpson once said, “Donuts…what can’t they do?” While he makes an obviously great argument, for us golfers who want to get better, we need to ask ourselves, “Flexibility…what can’t it do?”

How much more enjoyable and better would your game be if you NEVER felt tight in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet? Sound like a dream? Not anymore.

Our friend Kaitlyn over at 18STRONG has isolated one of the biggest problem areas for most golfers’ flexibility – T-Spine and Trunk Rotation. If you’re like most golfers that walk through the 18STRONG doors, you’ve probably felt like your backswing doesn’t go back far enough, your club head speed during impact is too slow and your follow through cuts off too early.

It’s very simple: Having more control over such a large part of your swing IS going to make you hit the ball farther and with more accuracy.

As is their way, 18STRONG has put together another awesome video that teaches you some great exercises and movements to improve your rotation and start shaving strokes.

Watch the video as Kaitlyn shows you how to start shooting lower scores by focusing on your T-Spine and Trunk Rotation

If you are serious about becoming more flexible and being a better golfer, then you must CLICK HERE for the complete 18STRONG Flexibility Guide Step-By-Step Video & Cheat Sheet and let Kaitlyn walk you through a full session that you can use over and over.