March 17

Flexibility Is King – Here’s Where You Need to Start

Recently, our golf fitness friends over at 18STRONG polled their audience and asked one simple question, “What is the biggest problem you’re having with your golf fitness performance right now?”

Overwhelmingly, the responses had to do with a lack of flexibility.  Have you ever felt tight in one or more of the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles and feet

What we found most encouraging is that smart golfers understand how important flexibility is.  Ten, maybe even five years ago that was not the case, so as a community we’re becoming more intelligent about training smarter and focusing on what is going to make the most dramatic improvements in our game.

Have you ever felt like your backswing stops too early to get any power because you can’t rotate back far enough?  Have you ever felt your joints cracking and popping in your swing or warm-up?  Do you just know that your body is way too tight for it to do what you want it to do?  You’re not alone.

To help us get on the right track, Kaitlyn at 18STRONG put together a short “secret weapon” video.  Your playing partners all know about shoulder and hip rotation, but nobody is talking about ankle and foot mobility, and how it dramatically improves your ability to hit the ball.  It’s common sense:  Your swing starts at the ground, so you need to build a solid foundation.

Watch the video as Kaitlyn shows you how to start shooting lower scores by simply focusing on your foundation – your ankle and foot mobility.

If you are serious about becoming more flexible and being a better golfer, then you must CLICK HERE for the complete 18STRONG Flexibility Guide Step-By-Step Video & Cheat Sheet and let Kaitlyn walk you through a full session that you can use over and over.

March 3

[Video] Longer Drives with just a simple Weight Shift!

Let me ask you a couple of questions, “How well do you use the ground in your swing? And if you could learn to swing faster in just a couple of minutes, would you be interested?” Our buddy Jeff at 18STRONG introduced us to a couple of secrets that the pros are using, but most of us regular guys don’t know about yet.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Do you feel like you have to swing as hard as you can to get the distance you want?
  • Do you tell yourself to “let the club do the work”, then in the middle of your backswing you change your mind and try to blast one into orbit?
  • Does it annoy you to watch your playing partners out-drive you hole after hole?
  • Do you lie in bed at night secretly dreaming about swinging like Happy Gilmore?

We know the reality is that we cannot possibly control a ball when we swing as hard as we can, yet our egos get in the way and our whole game suffers. Sure, you may hit a few good ones, but your body is so out of whack when you over swing that consistency is generally out the window.

Fear not, you are about to learn a drill that can immediately improve your power and swing speed. How great is it going to feel when you see that look on your partner’s face as you smugly tell him, “Looks like you’re away.” Ah, pure joy.

Jeff has put together a quick video showing us one of the drills that he has used to increase several of his clients swing speed by 5, 10, even up to 13 MPH in just a couple of short sessions. Click the video Below.

CLICK HERE for the FREE eBook and Videos that show you all the drills Jeff used to help his clients gain instant SPEED!.


February 4

How and Why You Should be Foam Rolling with Nick Mueller

Nick Mueller joins us again to discuss how important self myofascial release/massage (SMR) can be for a golfer, and how it can be done very effectively if you have the right kind of tools, like a foam roller.

Nick is the head of Golf Performance at Innovative Fitness in South Surrey, BC , Canada.  Nick is an expert when it comes to strength and conditioning, especially in the world of golf and fitness.  Nick was a guest on an earlier episode of the 18STRONG Podcast (Episode 010) which we discussed regressing and correcting movement in the golfer in order to progress and make improvements.  This episode falls right in line with the last one.

Knowing SMR techniques and how to properly do them with a small piece of equiptment (like a foam roller or ball) can save you lots of time and money trying to get your body back in order or recovering from a tough day on the course.

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Nick Mueller’s Background

Nick Mueller foam rollingYou can find more about Nick and his background at Innovative fitness HERE 

Since we last heard from Nick on the show he has started a new junior golf program at Innovative Fitness and has been working with several WebdotCom hopefuls.

Nick has also been named an ambassador for RAD a company that specializes in making very sophisticated self myofascial products.


Highlights from this Episode

  • Nick catches us up on all of the projects and programs he is affiliated with since our last conversation on the show (60 episodes ago!).
  • Nick gives us a breakdown of what fascia is in layman’s terms and what we can do to work on it.
  • We discus several different tools available that can help you with your self massage techniques.
  • Nick highlights a few of the RAD products that he loves and why
  • Nick explains why a golfer especially should be utilizing SMR techniques to play better and feel better

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Bagger Vance (Nick just had to be different.  For the record, I do not accept this answer as legitimate!)

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Tiger Woods

What are you excited about in your near future?

His new Junior Program, Heading to the PGA show to represent Innovative Fitness and RAD

Where to Find Nick Mueller

Other Links Mentioned


December 15

Play 36 holes without EVER getting sore

Eat THIS after a round to banish muscle and joint soreness
A regular round of golf can be one of the greatest types of exercise you can get. After just 18 holes, you may end up walking 5 miles or more.

But for lots of us, the hours after a round can leave us feeling like we were hit by a truck.

The cramped muscles and achy joints you experience after playing can make you feel less like a PGA champion and more like the Tin Man, limping stiffly through your day and begging for relief.

If you’re ready to banish your post-golf pain forever, there’s a miracle fix that may be sitting in your refrigerator right now.

Scientists say watermelon juice could hold the key to unlocking your stiff muscles and escorting nasty lactic acid from your body faster than you can spit a seed.

A research team from Spain asked a group of athletes to end their workouts with either watermelon juice or a placebo.

And after just 24 hours, those in the watermelon juice group were feeling sportier than ever — the pain vanished from their muscles, their lactic acid disappeared almost like magic, and they were ready to hit the links or the treadmill again.

It’s no secret that watermelon can hydrate you quickly, but there’s far more to this fantastic fruit. It’s loaded with the amino acid L-Citrulline, which heads straight to your sore muscles and helps show lactic acid the door.

If you’re not a watermelon fan, you can also find L-Citrulline supplements at most health food stores or even online.

You can get all the relief you need for as little as $10 a month.

To your health,




Urgent: If you are peeing 8 times a day

There’s a good reason you can’t get rid of that miserable “never empty” feeling… those “hurry up and wait” trips to the bathroom… and the middle of the night “wake up calls.”

But, the real reason for your bathroom worries isn’t what you think.

In fact, the truth might shock you.

The reason could be…


In this free video, you’ll see how researchers from Australia uncovered a breakthrough that can help you fight off that nagging “gotta go” feeling — once and for all.

Click here now

December 2

Drive like a champion with these muscle-building tips

Crush that ball again with these muscle-building secrets.

It happens to the best of us.

You’re out on the golf course with your kid or grandkid – you know, the one whose score has been inching closer to yours every year. And suddenly he’s outdriving you.

And every time his tee shot lands 20 or 30 yards past yours, he’s letting you know about it.

You’ve tried new clubs and even fidgeting with your swing. But the fact is, you may be losing more and more muscle every year – and it’s time to fix the problem.

By the time you hit 40, you could already begin suffering from sarcopenia — age-related muscle loss; and by the time you reach 65, you have a 1 in 2 chance of suffering from degenerative muscle disease.

But you can beat the odds. You don’t have to accept muscle loss as part of growing older.

You just need to start building your muscles again from the inside out. And that starts with giving them these four nutrients they need:

# 1 Omega-3s: These are the healthy fats that are found in salmon, eggs, and grass-fed beef. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that omega-3s are a key nutrient in the battle against degenerative muscle disease and that they promote muscle growth. With just 4g. of omega-3s per day, you can boost your production of muscle protein and reduce your risk of degenerative muscle loss.

# 2 Vitamin D: This vitamin maintains the function of type II muscle fibers, which helps preserve your muscle strength. It’s also known to have potent anti-inflammatory activity, which is crucial since people who have lost muscle tissue as part of the aging process consistently have high levels of inflammation. Take at least 4,000 IUs of vitamin D per day to maintain healthy blood levels. If you’re extremely deficient, you’ll need to take even more than that to get your levels back to normal.

#3 Amino acids: Studies have shown that supplementing with amino acids can help build lean muscle mass specifically in those suffering from sarcopenia. In fact, amino acids could reverse the damage caused by years of degenerative muscle loss. In a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, amino acid supplement therapy produced significant increases in whole-body lean mass in subjects with sarcopenia.

In another study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers found that older women who took just 7.5g of essential amino acids for three months also experienced significantly increased lean body mass.

# 4 Creatine: This is an amino acid that body builders have been using for years – but you don’t need to take mega-doses like they do. Supplementing a healthy, active lifestyle with about 250 mg. of creatine daily will add bulk and strength to wasting muscles. It’s therapeutic because it adds water back to dehydrated muscle cells.

Two drops. 45 seconds. Zero pain.

Imagine applying just two drops of a mysterious tonic to wherever you’re hurting…

And suddenly–literally within 45 seconds–you’re able to climb stairs easily… bend over to pet the dog… get up from the lawn chair… and enjoy a good night’s sleep without almost ANY pain.

“It works in seconds – and has no side effects. By far the best pain relief on the planet,” says retiree Natalie Impson, from Buffalo, NY.

For a life free of pain, click here now.

December 2

The secret back pain trigger that’s WRECKING your game

Is this hidden cause of back pain leaving you in agony?

You start to bring your driver back on that long par 5, and you can already feel the twinge in your lower back.

You sunk that long 20-foot putt (nice read, by the way!) but you can barely bend down to retrieve your ball from the hole.

You’ve been in back agony for years, and now it hurts so much to golf that you’ve even started canceling rounds. You thought you were doing everything right: stretching, exercise, chiropractic treatments, massage, acupuncture – but nothing has worked.

But it turns out your nagging back pain may be caused by a secret medical condition that you and your doctor might never spot.

You see, research shows that undiagnosed bacterial infections may be causing nearly half of lower back pain cases!

Believe it or not, it turns out that a significant number of people with chronic lower back pain have a hidden infection lurking in one or more of their back discs, especially athletes who may have already sustained an injury to the disc.

This infection triggers an inflammatory response in the spinal bones that surround the discs.

But that’s not all—it’s a domino effect that eventually leads to swelling in your spine. That swelling compresses nerves, resulting in pain – and lots of it.

Why an infection occurs in the damaged disc is unclear, but before reaching for those harsh antibiotics, try some non-invasive natural therapies first.

Natural anti-inflammatories such as MSM, Devil’s Claw, turmeric, and proteolytic enzymes may help. And disc-rebuilding nutrients such as glucosamine and collagen are often quite effective.

If you find that you’ve tried everything and you’re still in pain, natural antimicrobial agents such as intravenous vitamin C, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide could bring you the relief you’re looking for without harsh antibiotic side effects.

Many patients receiving intravenous vitamin C find it helps relieve their lower back pain. This may be due to the antimicrobial effect of the vitamin C as it penetrates the bloodstream.

Immune system-enhancing herbs such as astragalus and beta glucans could be helpful as well.

Antibiotics should only be considered as a last resort. They wipe out the good bacteria in your stomach along with the bad, which can leave you with indigestion or even diarrhea.

Who wants to deal with that while they’re trying to putt?

If you and your doctor do decide on a course of antibiotic therapy, add a probiotic to the mix to keep your belly bugs balanced and healthy.

To your health,


December 2

Pain Relief in 45 Seconds

Ssshhhhhh… you’re about to learn about the secret pain reliever that doctors use — but you’ve never heard about it until now. This inexpensive natural discovery has been shown to go to work on pain — whether it be back pain… headache pain… joint pain… arthritis pain… knee pain… pain from sports injuries… restless leg syndrome… or neck pain.

The secret behind this powerful pain remedy was discovered over 20 years ago — and its astonishing powers have been praised by The New York Times, showcased on 60 Minutes… and studied in over 1,200 scientific publications. But information about it was immediately suppressed because vested interests launched a campaign to discredit it.

That was over 20 years ago, and the hush-up was so effective that, to this day, it’s hard to find at any pharmacy or health food store. But now it’s finally back — in this pain breakthrough that virtually erases pain on contact.

In the time it takes you to open a bottle of pain pills and reach for a glass of water, the pain would already be fading away just by rubbing a drop or two of the “miracle compound” at the site of your pain. The moment the first drop hits your skin, it’s almost like watching a magic trick. It goes straight to the trouble area — within 45 seconds!

America’s Nutrition Physician, Dr. Allan Spreen, has uncovered the truth behind this incredible compound… and explains exactly how it works and how to get it. Be prepared to feel pain relief in just 45 seconds — guaranteed or your money back — by watching this short video presented by Dr. Spreen.

And make sure your speakers are turned on.

To your health,


P.S. Don’t delay. Once the secret behind this underground solution gets out, it probably won’t be long until we’ll be forced to take this presentation down. So be sure your speakers are turned on, and go here now.

December 2

“Super juice” unlocks the secret to perfect sleep

Sleep like a baby – and wake refreshed – with this powerful “super juice”
That 7 a.m. tee time sure seemed like a good idea when you booked it.

But you spent last night tossing and turning, and now you’re so tired you don’t want to get out of your golf cart.

Sounds familiar?

If you’re struggling to catch some Zs at night – or just can’t seem to stay asleep – don’t reach for those powerful sleep meds that can leave you feeling like you have a hangover the whole next day.

Because research proves that when it comes to catching 40 winks, there’s a super drink that can put mom’s warm milk to shame.

I’m talking about a tall glass of tart cherry juice.

The tart cherry has already been celebrated as a natural remedy for gout and other inflammatory issues (which can also really throw a monkey wrench into your golf game), but that’s not all it can do.

A study in the European Journal of Nutrition shows that two daily glasses of tart cherry juice could keep you asleep longer and leave you feeling more rested.

Participants in the study who drank a glass of 100 percent pure Montmorency cherry juice twice a day–when they woke up and right before bed—enjoyed significant improvements in sleep over those who drank a different fruit cocktail.

They slept longer (about 40 more minutes a night!), had less need for naps during the day, and increased “overall sleep efficiency,” which means less time lying in bed not sleeping.

The secret to tart cherries is that they’re loaded with natural levels of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycles.

So if you want to feel rested, alert, and sharp the next time you head out onto the course, add tart cherry juice to your shopping list. Each serving of juice contains the nutrients of 90 to 100 tart cherries, meaning it packs a powerful melatonin punch!

Considering we spend millions on sleep aids every year in this country, it’s nice to know a little help can be had naturally. And that getting a good night’s sleep can be delicious, too!

To your health,


November 10

Kiss those golf course allergies goodbye forever

Your eyes are watering. You’re sniffling. You’re even starting to get a little choked up.

And it’s not because you just four-putted for a triple bogey on your last hole.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you know that the fresh-cut grass, pollen and falling leaves on the golf course can practically turn your 18 holes into a death march.

And let’s face it – none of us play better when we’re fighting through the drowsiness and brain fog you can get from Benadryl and lots of other allergy medications.

So before you pop that next pill, try these all-natural remedies for fighting allergies on the golf course. They could be your hole-in-one for eradicating the pesky symptoms of hay fever and other seasonal sensitivities.

#1 Goldenseal: This is an herbal cure that dries up mucus throughout your body. It helps you clear congestion without making you drowsy. Grown in Canada and some parts of the Northeast, it was used for centuries by Native American tribes to help control inflammation and even stomach disorders. You’ll sometimes see it sold as yellow root, and you can buy it in capsules or brew it as a tea.

#2 Red sage: Ever try yelling “Fore!” with a sore throat from all that post-nasal drip? Ouch! Give red sage a try. It’s a traditional Chinese herb that helps control inflammation. The best part is that you can gargle with it as a mouthwash for quick throat pain relief.

#3 Cayenne: You may know cayenne as the hot red pepper that gives your favorite dishes a spicy kick. But cayenne also has an active ingredient called capsaicin that helps to soothe burning nasal passages, bronchial tubes, and lungs. It’s also rich in vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants that support your immune system.

The good news is that you don’t have to scorch your tongue to get the benefits of cayenne. You can get cayenne supplements affordably online or at most health stores.

Give these natural treatments a try, and you can enjoy your favorite course’s fresh-cut grass— without paying for it later.

To your health,